Book Review: Weekend Knits: 50 Unique Projects and Ideas By Melanie Falick

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Weekend Knitting

Weekend Knitting 50: Unique Projects and Ideas by Melanie Falick is one of my favorite collections of knitting patterns!  It showcases patterns from talented knitting designers.  I have it in hardback, and treat it like a coffee table book.  I like to look through it on rainy days, and dream of my next project.  This book truly captures the dream of a weekend full of knitting.  You can get the book from Amazon in book form here.  It is also available in Kindle format.  It looks best on the Kindle Fire, because of the beautiful color photographs.


The amount of quality patterns in this book is astonishing!  I used to have a rule that in order for me to buy a knitting book it had to have at least three patterns I wanted to knit.  This book exceeded that mandate!

Finger-less Mitts Pattern by Ann Budd

This book has some wonderful finger-less mitt patterns in the book.  One of my favorite patterns is by the talented Ann Budd.  Her finger-less mitts are knit in garter stitch, using using short rows.  I love how the pattern has options for three different gauges:  4 stitches per inch, 5 stitches per inch, and 6 stitches per inch! I have knit these mitts multiple times, and I enjoy knitting it every single time.

There are some adorable flower shaped wash cloths by Cindy Taylor.  These would make a wonderful gift given with handmade soaps, and bath bombs.  It also contains a patterns for chair cushions, sweaters, and a felted market bag.  The felted market bag is shown on the cover.  It looks like it is a wonderful size, and I have been wanting to knit it for a while.  There are some garter cuff gloves and mittens by Deborah Newton.  The bulky mittens by Margrit Lohrer look like they would be a great gift, and  quick knit.  Other pattern gems include a neck warmer, a lopi lace scarf, a brioche scarf and hat. Kate Sokoloff designed some cute curly-toed elf slippers for children and a curly toed Christmas stocking to match!   There is stunning vintage looking bolero type sweater called a cache-coeur bergamo.  There is a half pie shawl called the perfect pie shawl, and it is gorgeous!  There’s some fun projects that make great gifts for kids like finger puppets, and a travel checkers set!  You can see a full list of the patterns showcased in this book on Ravelry here.

The book has some side articles about other relaxing activities like “Taking Tea” and making hot chocolate.  There is also a recipe for Sophie’s Butter Cookies, and how to give yourself a gentle hand massage.

Happy Reading and Knitting!

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