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I have so many works in progress-WIPs for short. Usually, I have at least 5, currently I have 8. This is not counting the projects that have been long forgotten.  I am talking about the ones that have been stashed in a yarn bag or a box for at least a year. Ravelry uses the term “hibernating” for such projects.  These are projects that I consider active projects.  I will probably write a WIP post once a month.


I always have multiple knitting projects going on. Knitting is portable, and it’s easy to keep everything you need for a project in a “go” bag.  I don’t like to leave the house without a knitting project, because you never know when you can work a few rows into your day.

Architexture Scarf Knitting Kit by Jennifer Weissman
  1. Long Term Project – I always have one project that takes forever, like a sweater or a shawl. Currently I am knitting Architexture by Jennifer Weissman: from Craftsy for a wonderful kindred spirit. I love this pattern. It’s done in Cloudborn Highland Fingering yarn.  This yarn is absolutely gorgeous, and super tiny (so it’s gonna take a while).  Unfortunately, the kit is no longer available*(UPDATE: The kit is available again!), but you can get the pattern from Ravelry and the yarn from Craftsy. I actually have to pay attention to follow this pattern, and I take breaks by working on some instant gratification projects.

    Cloche Hat
    Lucy Hat by Carina Spencer
  2. Instant Gratification Project – Sometimes you just want to finish a project. I like a quick knit because it makes me feel like I have accomplished something. Currently I am working on Carina Spencer’s Lucy hat. This pattern is adorable, and it knits up quickly. I love the woven band, and the retro cloche flap. I am using Lion Brand Wool Ease in Cranberry and Oxford Grey.

    Susie Rogers
    Susie Rogers’ Reading Mitts
  3. Fingerless Mitts – I blame the blog for this one!  I needed a photo for my post 10 Websites for Knitting and Crochet Patterns.   This is one of my favorite free patterns-Susie Rogers’ Reading Mitts.  It is a delightful knit!  I love the edging!  I wanted it to match the Lucy hat so I am knitting the mitts in the Cranberry Lion Brand Wool Ease.
  4. Socks – There are numerous socks scattered about the house in various stages of completion.  I’m  always sneaking in a few rows while I am doing housework. I hardly ever finish a pair and have diagnosed myself with SSS – Single Sock Syndrome. I’m always starting new socks, because I like to see how the pattern knits up.
  5. Baby Gifts – Occasionally, I have to stop what I am doing and knit a baby gift.  Like just now while working on this post I realized that I need to knit a baby gift before November.  I have included it in this in this list even though I haven’t started it yet.  Digging out the yarn is going to count as “in progress” for this one.


Pink Shawl-Lionbrand Shawl in a Ball on a Kromski Harp

6. Pink Shawl – I always like to have a weaving project going on. Currently I have a pink shawl on my Kromski Harp. The yarn is Lion Brand’s Shawl in a Ball.


I currently have two spinning projects.  I usually like to have one traditional type of yarn and one art yarn.

Spinning Yarn
Purple Romney Wool

7. Purple Romney Wool – This Romney wool in a beautiful purple is from Catoctin Creek Farm. I am spinning it, and then plying it.  I am spinning it on a Baynes Colonial spinning wheel, and plying it on a Spinolution Pollywog.

BFL Wool
Blue Faced Leicester Thick and Thin Spun Thread Plied

8. Thick and Thin Thread Plied Yarn – I am planning on dyeing this.  I haven’t decided on which method I will be using yet. I am spinning this on a Spinolution Pollywog.  This Blue Faced Leicester wool came from Little Barn.  They have fabulous prices for unspun wool.

Projects-Knitting Weaving Spinning


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  1. That’s amazing! I can’t juggle more than one maybe two myself. I should try to carry my project with me more. Do you recommend a certain travel bag?

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