Do you wander around the yarn shop petting yarn? Do you dream about all of the amazing things you can make with each amazing skein? Well then, welcome to the Yarn Bucket! My goal is to inspire you to with some ideas of what to do with all of that beautiful yarn.

My name is Angela and I love yarn! I am a knitter, spinner, and weaver. I decided to start this blog to create a place to inspire, educate, and to share the love of yarn. I am hoping to help you try new techniques, and expand your skills. I have a lot of plans for this site and hope to include articles on the following:

Baby Gifts

Knitting: Knitting was my first love. I learned to knit in 2000 from a dear friend who lives a few states away. She taught me in an afternoon. I made so many mistakes, and created the world’s most pathetic piece of fabric. I wish I had kept it to show you. I am of the belief that anyone can learn how to knit. There is something very Zen about knitting. It is repetitive, and soothing. Knitting helps me focus when I have a million things on my mind. Who needs a fidget spinner?

This is Me Visiting Kromski NA at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival 2017 Photo taken by Richard Harris

Spinning: I attempted to learn to spin a few years ago with a drop spindle, and I never quite took to it until I bought my spinning wheel. It was like a lightning, suddenly I could use my drop spindle and not have to pick it up off the floor. Now I just can’t get enough of creating my own fun and funky art yarns!

Weaving: I like to have a loom warped at all times. I have a rigid heddle loom with a stand. I have been using my loom a lot more now that I have the stand, because it makes it much easier to warp! I like to listen to Loreena McKennitt while weaving, and it always makes me feel like I am in a John William Waterhouse painting.

Paton’s Classic Wool Dyed with Wilton Icing Colors

Dyeing Yarn and Roving Tutorials: There are so many different methods and techniques for dyeing yarn. It is so much fun creating your own colorways.

Yarn Crafts: I am also thinking of adding some fun yarn crafts as well. It’s a great way to use up scrap yarns. Consider doing some yarn crafts for with your children to pass on the love of yarn to the next generation.

Yarn Accessories and Tools: I would like to share some of my favorite tools and accessories with you, because who doesn’t like to shop for yarn related goodies? I am also planning on some DIY yarn accessories.

Maybe Some Crochet? I started to learn crochet a few years ago, and I loved it! I crocheted two afghans. I find if I crochet too much I get wrist pain, so now I limit my crochet to edges and small projects. I absolutely adore a knitted garment with a crocheted edge.

I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions. All photographs have been taken by me unless otherwise noted.  The Yarn Bucket is intended to be a relaxing and welcoming place, and therefore unkindness in the comment section is not welcome. Please do not post anything political in the comments. I can also be reached through the contact page on the side bar. I look forward to hearing from you! Please sign up for my newsletter and come back to visit often!